Gran Fondo Éco Mission

  1. To offer a professional quality experience to Quebec and abroad sportsmen and sportswomen by offering superior quality events.
  2. To place in Quebec territories tailored services for cyclists and event organizers.
  3. To increase the cyclist numbers in Quebec by the intermediary of events and superior quality services.
  4. To ensure the security of participants to sporting events of Quebec by offering professional services while living an enjoyable experience.
  5. To ensure quality services to participants and Quebec sporting event organizations.
  6. To support enterprises, organizations and foundations that want to offer events and superior quality activities.



In order to fulfill its mission, Gran Fondo Éco calls on, among others, Encadreur Expert which offers professional and specialized services of safety coaching. We are also supported by Groupe Voyages Québec, the reference for superior holidays.

Gran Fondo Éco endorses the Une Destination Un Sourire movement, a smile which is a beautiful approach of the Encadreur Expert members. Often called Guardian Angel during cyclist events, they collect cuddly toys from the population and participants to cyclist events. These cuddly toys are directly given from cyclists’ hands to children who are from underprivileged backgrounds during our cyclists stays abroad.

The Gran Fondo Cuba event, which occurred in November of each year, is a good example of generosity from Encadreur Expert members. Keep an eye on the sporting events supported by Encadreur Expert and bring your cuddly toys. Hundreds of children will receive a cuddly toy to cherish thanks to you.

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